018- Lance

This is the fifth segment of chapter three: Fine Ladies, Rational Creatures.

“I like the fact that we’re making better arguments.”

Lance’s Reading List

Here is a list of books and articles, some current and some foundational that I use and refer to in the development of my somewhat scientific world view.
1. The Blank Slate – Steven Pinker. Gets the whole ball rolling about science and feminism for me.
2. Warrior Lovers – Salmon and Simmons. Good explanation of sexual psychologies. Quirky little tome.
3. Who Stole Feminism – Sommers. Still a thought-provoking read even if not all agree with the author, myself included.
4. As Nature Made Him: The Boy Who Was Raised as a Girl – Colapinto. Very interesting take that things are at least part genetic and biological.
5. The g Factor: The Science of Mental Ability – Jensen. Turns out the sexes are equally as smart. News indeed.
8. The Righteous Mind – Haidt. Why we join teams and only look for evidence to support our existing views.
9. Undeniable – Nye. Evolution is real. Deal with it.
10. Evolving Faith: Wanderings of a Mormon Biologist – Peck. Evolution is real, Mormons. Deal with it.
1.Evolutionary psychology is compatible with equity feminism” by Barry Kuhle in Evolutionary Psychology, 2012.

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